Bushings and Bars provides high-quality machinery bushing solutions for numerous industrial applications. Bushings are essential for many types of industrial machinery, where they enhance machine functionality, help save energy, and ensure correct operation. Measuring bushing performance often proves difficult since they operate internally within machinery, so choosing a high-quality bushing plays a significant role in assuring top performance from your industrial equipment.


Bushing/Bearing Solutions for the Industrial Machinery Industry

Industrial machinery bushings

There are many types of bearings or bushings to choose from and many equipment types require a specialized solution. First, determine the type of equipment that needs the bearing or bushing, since size and specifications can vary widely between machinery types. Equipment that uses bearings and bushings may include mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, automation machinery, material handling solutions, converters, and more.

Some factors that should be considered when selecting bearings or bushings include:

  • The machinery’s operation speed
  • The level of wear resistance
  • The required load
  • The environmental conditions of the operating environment

Most industrial machines require wear liners or bushings made from copper alloys. Industrial machines require bearings or bushings that can operate at specified application speeds and resist the rigors of the intended setting. It’s important to give special consideration to which bushing you choose for your application to avoid early or unexpected failure.

Durable Components for Machinery Bushing Applications

Cast bronze bushings and thrust washers offer high durability, can support heavy loads, and will stand up to high-wear applications. Bushings and thrust washers are created by machining cast bars into precise shapes, however, they each serve different purposes.

  • Cast Bronze Bushings. Bushings—sometimes called plain bearings or sleeve bearings—reduce the friction between two surfaces as they slide against each other. Bushings can be found in most equipment that has rotating or sliding shafts. They are an essential component for reducing vibration and noise while enhancing a machine’s efficiency. In particular, cast bronze bushings are extremely durable with high strength. They exhibit a high degree of resistance to compressive forces, which makes them uniquely well-suited for high-wear applications.
  • Thrust Washers. Thrust washers are a flat, disc-shaped bearing used between a rotating part and a stationary component to control axial motion and ensure proper alignment along a shaft. Like cast bronze bushings, thrust washers feature superior wear resistance and strong load-bearing properties that enable them to handle the unique needs of industrial machinery.

Partnering with Bushings and Bars

Sleeve bushingsWhatever your specific application, Bushings and Bars has the right solution. We have an extensive catalog of high-quality machinery bearings that are uniquely suited for industrial machinery applications. Using better bearings can enhance your machine’s performance, prolong its service life, and reduce downtime from unexpected equipment failures. If you aren’t sure which bearing is best for your particular machine, our knowledgeable team can help you find it.

Bushings and Bars provides an enormous selection of high-quality cast bronze bushings and thrust washers, and our experts can help you identify the right bearings for your application. Bushings and Bars serve customers directly from U.S. manufacturers to ensure a wide product selection and fast delivery times. If you have questions about our available products, please contact us today.